We offer multiple certifications which are listed below.


Origins of Diversity (1 hour): In this session, participants will take a historical journey to learn how Diversity as we know it came to be in the workplace. Participants will review the legislative enactments and societal mores that influenced the demographic makeup of organizations. Participants will learn the implications of these historic practices and mitigation strategies to remedy their effects.

Cultural Equity in Organizations (1 hour): In this session, participants will master the concept of cultural Equity, specifically in the workplace. Participants will learn about codified barriers that have created inequities for minoritized communities in the U.S. society and workforce. Participants will also discover effective methods to cultivate culturally equitable environments in their organizations.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces (1 hour): In this session, participants will explore the various interpretations of “Inclusion” and how leadership can effectively demonstrate it. Participants will review and customize strategies for creating inclusion in their organizations.

In/Out-Group Identities (1 hour): In/Out-Group identities can create a great deal of exclusion in society and the workplace. Yet all of us are a part of in-groups and out-groups at the same time. This overlapping existence can cause us to prioritize parts of our identities over other parts. In this session, we explore the various components of our identities and how the value we place on some of these identities causes us to engage in biased behavior in the workplace and beyond.

Combatting Workplace Microaggression (1 hour): In this session, participants investigate the microaggressions individuals and groups from minoritized communities experience. Participants will take a deep dive into gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, and ability and the impact microaggression has, especially in the workplace. Participants will also learn mitigation techniques to ensure that members of these groups feel as though they belong in the workplace.

Mitigating Unconscious Bias (1 hour): In this session, participants will explore the various types of bias researchers have uncovered. Participants will engage in scenario-based learning to embed workplace mitigation strategies.


Inclusive Language - In this session, participants will discover how language can be a tool for inclusion or exclusion. Participants will learn an alternative language for terms and phrases that connote negative depictions of individuals and groups.

The Psychologically Safe Organization - In this session, participants will discover the elements of Psychological Safety. Participants will review the causes of psychological anxiety and remedies leaders can employ to create spaces where team members feel valued and included.

Creating an Environment of Belongingness - Creating a culture of belongingness in your workplace is a hands-on task. It is about connection, bonding with others in your workplace, and making people feel as though they matter to others. In this session, we learn the contextualized meaning of Belonging and how to create it in our teams, departments, and organizations.

Characteristics of an Inclusive Leader - When you are looking at your organizational brand, contemplating a hiring campaign, or trying to create an inclusive workplace environment, it’s imperative that it all starts from the top. Inclusive Leadership is central to an inclusive organization. In this session, we will explore the various components of Inclusive Leadership and how to develop or enhance them so that you create that workplace environment you seek.

Creating a Culturally Competent Workforce - Workplace interactions are significantly influenced by our culture, customs, and style of communication. A person’s individual culture not only affects them and their friends and family but also those they work with. It is important for individuals to understand their own cultural orientations so that they can better collaborate with others. In this session, we discover the multiple aspects of Culture. We learn how Culture affects Communication. And we investigate how both of these impact Business successes.

Mentoring Employee Employees from Diverse Backgrounds - All of the data tells the same story – effective mentoring has a tremendous impact on employee success. Yet most organizations miss the mark on crafting and sustaining mentoring programs, especially for employees from minoritized groups. In this session, we will learn how to conceptualize and implement a mentoring program that creates succession and promotion opportunities for all employees.


Cultural Networks and Affinity Groups - Affinity Groups have been shown to increase inclusion, engagement, and feelings of belonging among employees from various cultural backgrounds. Creating these types of networks, however, takes strategic planning and innovation. In this session, we’ll discover how cultural networks and affinity groups deliver value to both the organization and the participants. We’ll explore the various roles and responsibilities of managing and leading effective Affinity Groups. And we’ll determine the key mechanics for successfully starting and growing Cultural Networks and Affinity Groups.

Metrics for DEI Success (1 hour): In this session, participants will learn about organizational DEI analytics. Participants will become familiar with the various methods of surveying and measurement that inform DEI strategic plans. Participants will also learn how to determine the appropriate methods for achieving the organizational DEI goals.

DEI Strategy and Implementation (1 hour): In this session, participants will craft and present the blueprint for a DEI initiative based on the organization’s current goals.