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Dennis KennedyWelcome to the Association of Diversity & Inclusion Professionals

We all know DEIB landscape has changed dramatically over the last two years. More and more companies understand the value of DEIB as it leads to innovation, recruiting, retaining and developing a competitive workforce in today’s global environment. Which has made it imperative to companies to redefine their business models to focus on value-driving initiatives that yield more innovative teams that connect better with the increasingly diverse marketplace by creating leaders and employees who build strong connections with the marketplace and community.

The Association seeks to equip DEIB Professionals with the tool and knowledge to impact both their workplaces and their communities. By leveraging our resources, initiatives, conferences and programs, a DEIB Professional will be able to reach his/her professional and organizational goals. It is important that the DEIB Professional are properly equipped for the essential work that is needed.

Dennis Kennedy
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